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Supplemental Lecture Site
Daniel J. Parlagreco, Instructor
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Finance, its not just for geeks anymore...
View and read lectures online to better understand the material. All lecture material relates to Fundamentals of Financial Management by Brigham and Houston as used by the University of Phoenix Online.



No special players or software are required to view these lectures. Lectures are viewed directly in your browser window using a java-based player that is downloaded by your computer automatically when you click on a lecture link. The lecture content is identical to the text included with the lecture notes, which can be downloaded from this site.
Lectures Cash Conversion Cycle IMP, PDF Learn about the cash conversion cycle and cash management issues
Capital Budgets IMP, PDF Learn about Capital Budgeting for projects and cash flow estimation
Valuation IMP, PDF Learn about Bond and Stock Valuation
Leverage IMP, PDF Learn about financial and operating leverage
Options and Exchange Rates PDF Learn about options and foreign currency transactions (no streaming media; PDF only)



Useful Spreadsheets Option Price Calculator XLS Use to price call options based on the Black Sholes Option Pricing Model
Beta Calculator XLS Compute beta from stock and market data
  TVM Factors XLS Spreadsheet of interest rate factors to compute present and future values of sums and annuities
  MARCS Factors XLS Modified Accelerated Recovery Cost System Factors
  Business Valuation Model XLS An example of a small business valuation



Supplemental Materials How to compute g IMP, PDF Learn the mathematical tricks about the calculation of g for use in the constant growth stock valuation model and in other financial statistics. Why not compute g the easy way?
  Time Value of Money IMP, PDF A brief review of elementary time value of money techniques.



Links Current Events and Finance My weekly comments on current events and how they relate to undergraduate finance topics. See technical analysis aids and market charts. Basic topics in finance explained in easy to understand language University of Phoenix website (classroom access via OWA)
White Papers Leverage doc Overview of breakeven analysis
Interest Rate Primer doc Short overview of the yield curve and the expecations theory of interest rates
Time Value of Money doc Overview of how to account for the changing value of money in time
Small Business Valuation doc Beginning steps in valuation of small businesses
Capital Budgeting doc Steps in evaluating capital projects
Major Topics Review doc A quick review of stock valuation, bond valuation, leverage, Time Value of Money and other important topics in finance.



Problem Set Solutions Week 2 Assignment (PS1) Streaming video slide show with explaination of problem solution. Downloadable slides in PDF format. Please note that a password is requried and will be given only after all assignments have been received. At the end of each class, the password is reset.
Week 3 Assignment (PS2)
Week 4 Assignment (PS3)
My Personal Project Millersville Restoration See my progress on restoring an old Victorian house in Millersville, MD.


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